Herman Smorenburg was born in Alkmaar (1958). After his art study in Amsterdam, he studied the classical technique of glazing over a monochrome underground painting. This resulted in a manner of working which is characterised by great subtlety of colour effect and delicate degrees of light and shadow. His themes are determined by mythical and visionary landscapes, sometimes with architectural elements which point to a bygone era. Mainly female figures populate the world of his dreams. They invite the onlooker to step into the desolate landscapes and to experience the silence and serenity of his dreams.

“The point is to shine some light on the deepest desires and the highest ideals of man in relationship to his existence. With this I give my work direction and sense. In this respect I feel an affinity with nineteenth century romanticism and symbolism and contemporary movements such as Fantastic art and visionary realism. The worth of an art work is for me primarily determined by its quality and strength to effect the inner world of the beholder rather than the qualities and the characteristics of the work  itself. I see my paintings as archetypical images, as universal ‘icons’ that are for the most part unhooked from the limitations of the spirit of the age and culture. They invite the onlooker to experience the psychic power with which the image is charged. This interactive effect of the power of imagination is the deepest motivation for my being an artist.’- Herman Smorenburg